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Draft Preview: Anthony Edwards - Upside Hoops

Draft Preview: Anthony Edwards

Combo guards have seemingly gone from being en vogue, to falling out of fashion to – luckily for Anthony Edwards – being en vogue again.

Anthony Edwards is a bulky 6’5” combo guard, who is really just a shooting guard with explosive scoring potential. At 225 lbs, the muscular shooting guard has an NBA ready physique and the tools to contribute almost immediately.

A period of adjusting to the pace of the NBA game is expected, but the Atlanta native has the physical tools and skills to help a team, regardless of where he lands. His shooting percentages belies his actual shooting potential. With his good form, and less pressure to carry an offense, Edwards figures to be an above average shooter with the explosive athletic ability to get past defenders.

Defensively, like many young prospects, he is prone to mistakes and ill-advised gambles. Beyond those tendencies however, he displays a willing ferocity on the defensive end. He may not be the second coming of Draymond Green, but he can reasonably be assumed to not be a defensive liability on most possessions.

If Edwards does not fall into the trap of relying on his athletic prowess, as opposed to honing his craft, he will likely be a great player for years to come. He does not necessarily have franchise player potential [though it is impossible to rule out entirely], but Edwards can easily progress into the type of player that can be the third option on a championship level team.

His floor is a bit lower than James Wiseman’s, but he clearly has more upside and will likely have a more immediate impact.

For Edwards, his ceiling looks something like Victor Oladipo with a floor closer to Eric Gordon. Though not necessarily a great fit alongside D’Angelo Russell, Anthony Edwards seems like a smart pick up for the Timberwolves with the number one pick due to his NBA readiness. His shooting and speed also likely make him a potentially fantastic pick-and-roll partner for Karl-Anthony Towns, whose prime seems to be currently languishing in Minnesota.

To recap Anthony Edwards:


  • Great length and size
  • Explosive first step and elite vertical
  • Prolific shooter



  • Inconsistent defensive effort
  • Questionable court vision
  • Questionable shot selection


Because much of his weaknesses can be typically attributed to lack of experience and the immaturity of youth – it is easy to talk yourself into thinking that Edwards is more than he is. That being said, Edwards is likely the easiest prospect to project going forward. He is not necessarily going to mature into a dependable player on both ends, but Edwards can provide a team with instant offense.

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