The Top Ten Free Agents Of 2020

Bogdan Bogdanovic

Bogdan Bogdanović

Bogdan may very well be the epitome of a high floor, low ceiling about to enter his prime. However, the 27 year old is likely about to secure the biggest contract of his career, regardless of how it plays out. Important to remember is that he will be a restricted free agent, giving the Sacramento Kings the option to decide if his worth on the open market is equal to what they are willing to shell out. Though there has been talk about potential interest from the Milwaukee Bucks, that may not actually materialize into a worthwhile offer. In a typical year, Bogdan may get overpaid to provide his services to a fringe contender. This year will likely see teams a bit more tentative to pull the trigger on players with lower upside, so it will not be shocking to see him return to the Sacramento Kings.

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