25 Greatest Point Guards In NBA History


10. Bob Cousy
Greatest Point Guards

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
18.4 7.5 91.1

While some may argue that Cousy may not be nearly as effective in today’s game, the point is moot. The Hardwood Houdini was one of the key players behind Bill Russell during the Celtic’s unmatched domination of the 1960s. Despite many key statistics not being tracked at the time he played, even a cursory eye test demonstrates Cousy’s ability as a shooter and a passer, well ahead of his contemporaries at the time.

9. Jerry West
Greatest Point Guards

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
27.0 6.7 162.6

The Logo himself hardly needs introduction or justification. Though many point guards are great passers or great scorers, West was prolific at both. Do not be fooled by his Finals record going up against the indomitable Bill Russell and his Boston Celtics, Jerry West was a winner. As one of the first superstar point guards in a league that was dominated by big men, West paved the way for other great point guards that followed him.

8. Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
12.6 8.7 138.6

For many, Jason Kidd is the ideal picture of a point guard. With great size, unreal court vision and the ability to limit his turnover despite his usage – Kidd is almost a lab built point guard. Ever the one to adapt, Kidd even became known as somewhat of a prolific three point shooter as his career waned. It is impossible to discuss point guard excellence without discussing Kidd.

7. Isiah Thomas
Isiah Thomas

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
19.2 9.3 80.7

Many see Isiah Thomas as the original Chris Paul. A lightning quick point guard with elite court vision, passing acumen and scoring finesse. In an era remembered for its physicality, the under-sized Thomas secured his legacy as an invaluable member of the two-time champion Pistons.

6. Steve Nash
Steve Nash

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
14.3 8.5 129.7

Nash almost certainly typifies the late bloomer. With his best years as an NBA player coming in his thirties, Nash played an important role in popularizing “small-ball” under Mike D’Antoni‘s creative 7 seconds or less offensive schema. With tight ball-handling, sniper-like shooting and the ability to make the toughest passes, Nash is an all-time great point guard.

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