25 Greatest Point Guards In NBA History


5. Oscar Robertson
Oscar Robertson

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
25.7 9.5 189.2

Big O is the original mister triple-double. A large point guard that could do it all, Oscar dominated the game from a position that was expected simply to feed the big man at the time.

4. John Stockton
John Stockton

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
13.1 10.5 207.7

Though it has become trendy to label Stockton as overrated, Stockton is the assists and steals leader by an insurmountable margin. Though not classically athletic or a flashy passer, Stockton had all the tools needed to not only be a great point guard, but sustain it for an incredibly long and fruitful career.

3. Stephen Curry
Chris Paul

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
23.5 6.6 103.2

Like Nash before him, Curry helped revolutionize the game as we know it. Though old-school purists may shudder at the idea of Stephen Curry being a all-time great point guard – his impact is undeniable. His incredible defensive gravity allows him to create openings for teammates without even trying. His constant movement off the ball means he can run the offense without even having the ball.

2. Chris Paul
Chris Paul

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
18.5 9.5 180.3

Many get tired of hearing it, but Chris Paul is still the Point God. Chris Paul is so good at what he does that one can clearly see that he over-dribbles the basketball at times, and he is still in control of the game. With a masterful mid-range game, ability to create for teammates and a constant threat to score himself, Chris Paul is a coach’s dream as a point guard. A perfect blend of old-school pure point guard skills and modern score first point shooters.

1. Magic Johnson

Greatest Point Guards

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
19.5 11.2 155.8

The ultimate point guard. Nothing about Magic Johnson makes sense. He was a point guard in a power forward’s body and used it fully to his advantage. UnlikeĀ  the myriad of large point games that came before and [mostly] after him, Magic was the most legitimate point guard. His unmatched passing skills and top level ball-handling skills meant he was not just “a big guy who could pass and shoot”. It is fairly well understood that if you could just make an elite but short player taller, you will likely lose something with the added height. Magic was the exception to that.

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