25 Greatest Shooting Guards In NBA History


20. Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
      19.5 14.2 46.8

As one-half of the best shooting backcourt in NBA history and a top-notch defender, Klay Thompson has firmly established himself as one of the best players in the league and unquestionably one of the greatest two-guards in league history.


19. Pete Maravich
Pistol Pete Maravich

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
24.2 n/a 46.7

Pistol Pete was a top-level passer with incredibly high basketball IQ. As an elite jump shooter with excellent ball-handling, he kept defenses on his toes.


18. Earl Monroe
Earl Monroe

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
      18.8 n/a 77.4

Earl “The Pearl” Monroe was a bombastic scorer and a key contributor to the 1972-1973 New York Knicks championship run. The Hall of Famer accrued four NBA All-Star selections and one All-NBA team selection.


17. Jimmy Butler
Jimmy Butler

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
        17.0  30.0   75.1

After working his way from role player and defensive specialist, Jimmy Buckets has proven himself an invaluable member of every team he has played for. He is now largely regarded as one of the best two-way players in the NBA.


16. Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
16.0 26.4 82.8

Iso Joe was a large two-guard that also played at the wing position as well. The seven time All-Star was a reliable scorer, excellent shooter, and above average defender.

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