25 Greatest Shooting Guards In NBA History


15. Manu Ginobli
Manu Ginobli

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
      13.3 47.6 106.4

Manu Ginobli is one of the best sixth men to play in the NBA and could have easily played a significant starting role for any team in the league. The left-handed Argentinian popularized the now ubiquitous Euro step and was known for his ability to knife his way to the hoop with ease.

14. Reggie Miller
25 Greatest Shooting Guards

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
      18.2 66.1 174.4

Shooter extraordinaire and professional irritant, Reggie Miller was one of the most exciting guards of the 1990s. Miller made his name with an array of clutch shots, constant off ball movement, and prodigious trash talk.


13. Joe Dumars
Joe Dumars

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
      16.1 25.4 86.2

Dumars had a 13 year career in the NBA exclusively with the Detroit Pistons. Dumars typified versatility as an elite defender and consistent scorer. The two-time NBA champion was also the NBA Finals MVP after the Pistons’ championship in 1989.


12. Sam Jones
Sam Jones

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
      17.7 n/a 92.3

Also known as Mr. Clutch, Sam Jones was a five-time All-Star and was a valuable part of the Celtics’ early success, winning ten championships with the franchise. This is second only to Bill Russell.


11. Vince Carter
25 Greatest Shooting Guards

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
16.7 57.9 125.3

Vinsanity aka Half-Man, Half-Amazing is famous for career full of jaw-dropping and crowd pleasing dunks. In particular his resuscitation of the Slam Dunk contest in 2000 alone makes him a legend among fans. This makes it easy to forget that Carter was actually a great player. With a reliable three point shot and a quick first step, Carter was an effective scorer for many years in the league.

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