25 Greatest Small Forwards In NBA History


20. Paul George
Paul George

Points Per Game Field Goal % PER
20.0 43.3 19.3

Almost perfectly fitting the mold of the prototypical multi-talented wing, Paul George is a gifted scorer capable of guarding multiple positions on the defensive end.


19. Adrian Dantley
Adrian Dantley

Points Per Game Field Goal % PER
24.3 54.0 21.5

Nicknamed “The Teacher”, six-time All-Star Adrian Dantley was an incredibly prolific scorer. The two-time scoring champion was never able to capture an NBA championship but was a highly effective contributor for each time he played for.


18. Dave DeBusschere
Dave Debusschere

Points Per Game Field Goal % PER
16.1 43.2 15.5

An excellent athlete, DeBusschere was one of only thirteen players to play in both the NBA and MLB. Even as an undersized wing Dave was a top-notch rebounder and capable scorer.

17. Grant Hill
Grant Hill

Points Per Game Field Goal % PER
16.7 48.3 19.0

Before being sidelined by injuries, Grant Hill had garnered numerous comparisons to Michael Jordan. This may seem surprising in hindsight but was not totally unreasonable at the time. Hill was highly athletic, an excellent scorer and versatile defender. Even as injuries limited him physically, Hill was an above average and notable player for his entire career.

16. Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony

Points Per Game Field Goal % PER
23.6 44.8 19.9

Widely panned as a ball hog and one-dimensional player, Carmelo Anthony has been a dominant offensive force for much of his career. While there is some truth to him being slow to adapt to the changing NBA landscape, his value on an NBA team is still undeniable.

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4 thoughts on “25 Greatest Small Forwards In NBA History

  1. Aguirre should be higher. Guy could shoot from anywhere, drive, play with his back to the basket, play strong, and still passed well.

    1. He was a one dimensional SF in the golden age of SFs. Dominique was better, Pippen was better, Dantley was a better scorer, Schrempf was a better all around player, Bird was miles and miles better, Dr J was way better, Worthy was better… he was maybe the 7th best SF of his generation.

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