Brandon Ingram Will Continue To Emerge This Season

Over the past few seasons, this author has told numerous insiders to stay patient with Brandon Ingram. Ingram had numerous struggles during his tenure with the Lakers.

But he never doubted that Ingram was going to become a phenomenal player someday. Playing in a new environment in New Orleans, the move allowed Ingram to unleash his full capability and become a force on the offensive end. Ingram’s Most Improved Player Award helped him secure a five year max extension with the Pelicans. 

Ingram averaged 23.8 points per game this past season. It was a very dominant season as he became invincible on the offensive side of the floor. Many considered it a fluke when Ingram got off to a strong start to begin the season. But with his focus going into each game, he was able to continue at a high level and remain the tone setter for the Pelicans this season.

Watching other players in his draft class grow into stars seems to have motivated Ingram a bit more. The pressure was on him to become the second man for the Lakers behind LeBron James. Because he did not live to those expectations, insiders were quick to leave him out as a dynamic player. 

Ingram worked twice as hard this season prior to before. And it paid off once this past season rolled around. Ingram looked at pieces of his game that needed improvements and attacked them with a mindset to be great. This season showed no weakness in Ingram’s game and it showed as his efficiency was better prior to the past.

Since Ingram’s most improved season, his value has increased by a wide margin. After many people doubted his future in the NBA, they begin to realize the versatility he plays with on the NBA floor. Ingram may be small in size, but he shows he’s never afraid to go out and compete. 

The goal for Ingram going forward is to figure out how to continue to fuel this team. New Orleans is on the peak of becoming playoff bound. With that being said, Ingram must continue to emerge as the cornerstone for the organization. If Ingram plays at a higher level than last season, this Pelicans team will be hard to beat. I love the chip Ingram has on his shoulder as he continues to be the driving force of the team.

The Pelicans can certainly make the playoffs with Ingram leading the way. With year five coming soon, he’s had the experience of carrying the team offensively and providing key moments for a win. Now, it is a challenge for Ingram to make sure his teammates provide great contributions as well. With an unstoppable force of Ingram, Zion Williamson, and others, this is a team that can make things competitive in the West with their key to compliment one another.

It’s safe to say that Ingram has found a home in New Orleans. The organization has allowed him to blossom into the All-Star caliber player that he is. Ingram is becoming a fan favorite in the NBA in people’s eyes. There is no question that he will have more to showcase this upcoming season.


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