25 Greatest Power Forwards In NBA History

Power forwards have typically been bruising low post players that was able to roll effectively to the hoop after a good pick. This is changing and on today’s NBA, the greatest power forwards are expected to be versatile on both ends of the court and relatively fleet-footed.

Ranked are the 25 greatest power forwards in NBA history. Power forwards that played in the ABA are considered but their time in the ABA is not given considerable weight.

Though versatility is becoming an increasing requirement, it is still not considered an absolute must for the position, so less versatile power forwards are not punished in this ranking.

25. Rasheed Wallace
Rasheed Wallace

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
14.4 6.7        2.2

One of the original power forwards to be truly known as a stretch four. Lost in his reputation as a temperamental player that frequently collected technicals is the fact that Wallace was a talented and meaningful contributor.

24. Tom Chambers
Tom Chambers

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
18.1 6.1        -0.6

Chambers was immediately impactful, leading his team in scoring as a rookie. Chambers would garner four All-Star selections, two All-NBA selections and once selection as MVP of the NBA All-Star game in the 1986-87 season.

23. Dave DeBusschere

Dave DeBusschere

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
16.1 11.0        n/a

An excellent athlete, DeBusschere was one of only thirteen players to play in both the NBA and MLB. Even as an undersized wing Dave was a top-notch rebounder and capable scorer.

22. LaMarcus Aldridge

LaMarcus Aldridge

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
19.5 8.3        1.7

Considered a relic in today’s NBA, Aldridge is an effective scorer from mid-range. Selected with the second overall pick in the 2006 NBA Draft, Aldridge has seven All-Star selections, and five All-NBA selections to his name.


21. Kevin Love
Pau Gasol

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
18.2 11.1        3.4

Though Love has slowed somewhat due to age and injuries, the versatile big man made his name in the NBA as an elite rebounder (particularly on the offensive end) and is an excellent shooter. The five time All-Star is still a positive impact player in his early thirties.


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  1. How can you have Chris bosh in the PF list and C list? He’s great but my personal bias is enjoying these lists only seeing a player on only one.

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