25 Greatest Power Forwards In NBA History


20. Draymond Green
Draymond Green

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
9.0 6.9        2.8

An undeniable defensive genius, and one of the most versatile players in NBA history, Green has defied expectations for what it means to be an undersized power forward in the NBA. Without having a reliable jump shot for much of his career, Green still managed to be one of the most instrumental pieces in the Warriors’ championship runs.


19. Jermaine O’Neal
Jermaine O'Neal

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
13.2 7.2        0.3

After a slow start to his career with the Portland Trail Blazers, O’Neal finally got the opportunity to flourish with the Indiana Pacers – and he took full advantage. O’Neal would go on to be selected to six All-Star teams and three All-NBA teams.


18. Chris Webber
Chris Webber

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
20.7 9.8        3.4

Some older fans may remember Webber for his infamous timeout error while playing for Michigan in college. Others still may remember him as the best player on a Sacramento Kings team that gave the Los Angeles Lakers all that they could handle in the early 2000s. Regardless of the prism that individual prism that fans may view him, Webber was an elite player who has inexplicably not been accepted into the Hall of Fame.


17. Shawn Kemp
Shawn Kemp

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
14.6 8.4        0.6

The athletic big man was one half of one of the best duos in the NBA alongside defensive specialist Gary Payton. Though he arguable never lived up to his full potential, the Reign Man was one of the most feared competitors at the four spot in his prime.

16. Amar’e Stoudemire
Amar'e Stoudemire

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
18.9 7.8        1.3

Though injuries would hamper him as his career waned, Stoudemire was a quick twitch athlete that could score in bunches. Stoudemire was a key member of D’Antoni’s Suns that helped revolutionize basketball. Stoudemire was a six time All-Star and five time All-NBAer.

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  1. How can you have Chris bosh in the PF list and C list? He’s great but my personal bias is enjoying these lists only seeing a player on only one.

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