25 Greatest Power Forwards In NBA History


15. Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
21.7 8.8        3.8

Though not usually touted for his high basketball IQ, Griffin’s transformation from a hyper athletic low post scorer to a more calculated player that can score from beyond the three point line is a testament to his adaptability.

14. Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol


Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
17.0 9.2        3.6

Unlike many of the players of this list, Pau Gasol was certainly not known for his athletic ability. Rather than blowing by or dunking over players, Gasol played an intelligent game below the rim. An elite passer with a deep arsenal of post moves, he proved to be the perfect sidekick for Kobe Bryant to win back-to-back championships.


13. Tom Heinsohn
Tom Heinsohn

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
18.6 8.8        n/a

The recently departed Tom Heinsohn was part of the legendary Boston Celtics dynasty that spanned from the late 1950s into the 60s. Heinsohn was an eight time NBA champion, six time NBA All-Star and perhaps most notably won Rookie of the Year over Bill Russell.


12. Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
7.3 13.1        0.9

Dennis Rodman was one of the most polarizing and divisive players to ever play in the league. Despite of this, outside of the San Antonio Spurs, each team he played for felt he was mostly worth the hassle. Rodman was the definition of an effort player who just so happened to also be exceptionally good at basketball. Arguably the greatest rebounder in NBA history, Rodman remains almost totally incomparable as both a talent and a personality.


11. Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
19.2 8.5        1.9

Younger fans may strictly remember Bosh as the third wheel in Miami’s big three that included LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, but Bosh was a star player in his own right before joining forces with James and Wade. A capable shooter and passer, Bosh was a reliable and versatile big man in the NBA before health issues cut his career short.


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  1. How can you have Chris bosh in the PF list and C list? He’s great but my personal bias is enjoying these lists only seeing a player on only one.

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