25 Greatest Centers in NBA History


15. Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard

Points Per Game Blocks Per Game             Offensive Rating
16.7 1.9        111

With the hyper athleticism typically reserved for much smaller players, and displaying a knack for the game, Howard was initially miscast as a player with unlimited potential on both ends of the court. Time has proven that Howard is above average offensively and a defensive monster.


14. Dave Cowens
Dave Cowens

Points Per Game Blocks Per Game             Offensive Rating
17.6 n/a        n/a

Despite initial concerns about his size, Cowens was immediately impactful in the NBA as a center. Cowens possessed a remarkable instinct for rebounding and was a great passer at the center position.


 13. Nate Thurmond
Nate Thurmond

Points Per Game Blocks Per Game             Offensive Rating
15.0 n/a        n/a

Thurmond started his career as a back-up to the incomparable Wilt Chamberlain on the San Francisco Warriors. Thurmond would go on to become a prolific rebounder and valuable scorer. Among his many accomplishments, Thurmond was a seven time All-Star.


 12. George Mikan
George Mikan

Points Per Game Blocks Per Game             Offensive Rating
12.9 n/a        n/a

Mikan is widely known as the original dominant big man. Mikan was one of the rare players who influenced the game to the point of prompting rule changes. Goaltending, the widening of the foul lane, and the creation of the shot clock were all directly or indirectly spurred by Mikan’s influence.


 11. Artis Gilmore
Artis Gilmore

Points Per Game Blocks Per Game             Offensive Rating
17.1 1.9        117*

Gilmore was a dominant and towering, big man that got his start in the ABA. Though his best years were statistically as a member of the Kentucky Colonels in the ABA, Artis was an effective scorer, rebounder, and rim protector for the Bulls for several years.


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