The All-Time All-NBA Second Team

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The All-Time All-NBA Second Team is a compilation of the best players of all time by position specifically.


Point Guard – Chris Paul
Chris Paul

Points per game Assists per game Win Shares
18.5 9.5 180.3

Many get tired of hearing it, but Chris Paul is still the Point God. Chris Paul is so good at what he does that one can clearly see that he over-dribbles the basketball at times, and he is still in control of the game. With a masterful mid-range game, ability to create for teammates and a constant threat to score himself, Chris Paul is a coach’s dream as a point guard. A perfect blend of old-school pure point guard skills and modern score first point shooters.


Shooting Guard – Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant

Points Per Game VORP Win Shares
25.0 80.1 172.7

The late Kobe Bryant was one of the most talented and hardest working players to ever play in the NBA. A domineering force, Kobe willed his way to five championships and was revered for his willingness and ability to play through multiple injuries.


Small Forward – Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant

Points Per Game Field Goal % PER
27.0 49.3 25.2

Despite the misguided concerns about his weight entering the league, Durant has cemented his place as one of the best players in league history. With the ability to score from anywhere on the court and an ever-increasing appetite on the defensive end, Durant figures to be a problem when he returns to action this upcoming season.


Power Forward – Dirk Nowitzki
All-NBA Second Team

Points Per Game Rebounds Per Game             Box Plus/Minus
20.7 7.5        4.5

Nowitzki was for many years the ultimate typification of a stretch four. The highly accomplished power forward could get his shot over anyone and could score from practically anywhere on the court. Dirk would get an astounding fourteen All-Star selections to accompany his twelve All-NBA team selections.


Center – Shaquille O’Neal
All-Time All-NBA Second Team

Points Per Game Blocks Per Game             Offensive Rating
23.7 2.3        113

Perhaps the most dominant center of both the 90s and the 00s, Shaq combined incredible size with speed and agility that seemed to defy the laws of physics. Far from just being a physical specimen however, Shaquille was a highly skilled big man with a significant prime.

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2 thoughts on “The All-Time All-NBA Second Team

  1. Clint:

    What are you nuts? You left Wilt Chamberlain off the team and he probably should be the center on the first team because before your time when Wilt was at the tail end of his career, he dominated Jabbar in the paint when Kareen was in his prime years in the 1972 western conference finals (Jabbar was at the top of his game early in his career; in fact, during the mid-70s, Bill Walton was the superior player). While Jabbar outscored him, Wilt had West and Baylor on his team and didn’t need to score. And Larry Bird third team — what are you nuts? You could say LeBron would be ahead of Bird but no way Durant. And Chris Paul second team? Clint, you need to stop smoking that weed.

  2. Clint, made an error. Baylor wasn’t active in that 1972 series, but Gail Goodrich was. So, Wilt did have West and Goodrich and he was more of a playmaker. And if you look it up, I believe Wilt was the finals MVP that year.

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