Player Profile: Draymond Green

A player that can be misunderstood, Draymond Green has had a memorable run playing for the Golden State Warriors.

He’s managed to be a phenomenal role player next to Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant in the stint of their three championships. With a new season ahead of us, Draymond looks to continue his role as the enforcer in Golden State. 

The association seems to have a love/hate relationship for Draymond. When you’re the opposition, he looks to destroy you mentally. Little antics to take you out your game can become annoying to any competitor on the other side. That is how the NBA has written Draymond as a dirty player in years’ past. But if you’re the Golden State Warriors, they understand how valuable their star power forward can be. 

In case anyone doesn’t know, Draymond has one of the highest IQs in all of basketball. He may be small at the power forward position, but he makes up for it with his strength and tenacity. If needed, Draymond has the ability to play all five positions on the court.

When he is utilized as a true point forward, it tends to take immense pressure off of Steph and Klay as playmakers. People can say what they want, but having Draymond on the floor has resulted in three championships so far. And in year eight, it may result in another one. 

This season is a breath of fresh air for Draymond and the Warriors. After a horrendous 15-50 season a year ago, the dynasty is looking to run things back this season, if everything goes to plan. Even with Klay Thompson sidelined for another season, both Curry and Green believe they have an opportunity to be a stand out team in the West.

The front office was able to make some great moves by surrounding their stars with players who can make an impact on winning. And with an unselfish system that Steve Kerr plays on the floor, everyone’s impact will be felt someway.  

There’s a few goals that will be set for Draymond to start this season. The first one I want to cover is health. Draymond looks as if he has dedicated to putting his body in the best shape this year. Although Draymond has always managed to play at a high level prior to this coming season, his new condition can help him provide in better ways than before. 

There are still some concerns, to say the least, because we weren’t able to watch Draymond during the preseason. After contacting COVID and a muscle strain in his foot, there are numerous reasons to be concerned about just a hair.

There are 72 games in this season and Draymond has time to heal. But you’re also hopeful that the lingering injuries don’t affect him throughout the entire year. A healthy Draymond through the regular season is pivotal and it can only gear him up for another playoff run. 

Another challenge for Draymond Green is leadership with his new teammates. Like I said, you hate him as an opponent, but love him as a teammate. Draymond tends to understand everything on the floor when it comes to both ends. For young guys looking to make a way on the roster, Draymond’s championship experience will help elevate the newcomers this season, which will unleash their max potential as great role players. 

This is an very fun anticipating season to begin. We haven’t watched Golden State basketball in nine months. So it will be a sight to see when they matchup against Brooklyn Tuesday night. We hope to watch Draymond start the season at some point within the first few games. He has a lot of answers for the NBA with a new level of intensity to display.


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