The Triple Threat 12/29/20


I would like to start today’s Triple Threat thanking Clint for giving me the opportunity to open my daily blog to a larger audience and allowing me to post on Upside Hoops. I hope to increase everyone’s wallet size while I’m here.


2-1 yesterday and 9-3 last 12. I don’t want to sound ungrateful because 2-1 is always a good night but I feel a little robbed on that one loss last night. It was out of my control and Ja’s control for that matter, playing defense in the second quarter, Ja ended up landing on someone’s foot funnily causing him to awkwardly twist his ankle and killing our chance at a 3-0 night. In all seriousness though, I’m happy it was something minor instead of something that could’ve changed the trajectory of his career. Anyways we have a full day of games today and tons of nice matchups. Winners only let’s get into it. 


Game 1: Toronto Raptors @ Philadelphia 76ers 

Pick: Philadelphia 76ers ML (-130)


I’m not a fan of the 76ers by any means of the word. But I am a fan of seeing when a line is wrong and one team is going to clear cut win this game. This line must be based on the previous Raptors v 76ers game. Possibly the one where Joel Embiid went scoreless in a game the Raptors ended up winning. I wonder if Embiid remembers that because I sure as hell do I have them on ML that day too. The 76ers are coming off a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game that Joel missed due to back but it was probably just some rest which is fine because the 76ers are a team that can drop a game to the Cavaliers but understand that they will likely see Raptors down the road in the playoffs and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sadly for the Toronto Raptors they lost some more depth this off season as they lost Serge Ibaka to the Los Angeles Clippers and Marc Gasol to the Los Angeles Lakers. Losing 2 Major big men that played heavy minutes against a team that dominates the paint as much as the 76ers leaves the Raptors out to dry as they get smoked this game. That’s just 2 less bodies you have to throw at Embiid down low, not to mention you still have to worry about Simmons and the supporting crew. Spicy P & Kyle Lowry have a lot on their hands tonight. I took the ML but if I was a ballsy guy I would possibly even sell points to maybe 76ers -3.5 for some nice + profit.  


Game 2: Denver Nuggets @ Sacramento Kings 

Pick: Denver Nuggets ML (-135)


The Denver Nuggets got their groove back. Smashing the Houston Rockets and hitting the over like I predicted means I have the Denver Nuggets exactly where I want them and I love them against the Kings tonight. I think this is another blow out on the second night of a back to back. The pain from dropping game 1 against the Sacramento Kings will carry the soreness from their legs to a victory in easy fashion. It seems the line has caught on to the Kings and Nuggets usually being a close game as it was +8 last week and it’s now +2.5 for the Kings. This is another game I took ML BUT I would seriously consider taking the spread because this is gonna be an absolute beat down from Jokic. Might even sprinkle a small unit on Jokic triple double because he got one last night so I’m guessing he’ll play tonight with a little more confidence. 


Game 3: Boston Celtics @ Indiana Pacers 

Pick: Boston Celtics ML (-115)


Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. The Boston Celtics should’ve won the previous game against the Indiana Pacers. Jayson Tatum is a fantastic young player and will someday be a top face in this league, BUT this was some of the worst basketball Awareness I have ever seen. 7 seconds left on the clock, the Boston Celtics are down 1. Tatum gets the ball and has time to make a basketball move with a paint that is WIDE open. But what does this guy do instead? Oh just decide to take a side step 3 from 35 feet out in a game that you’re down 1 and there’s enough time to drive to the rack! Sigh Tatum really let me down that last possession. I get it he hit that shot against the bucks and figured “hey it worked once” but he has to know that the defender is sitting on the side step and at least give yourself a chance at a Call. This is 100% a pride pick and I refuse to believe that the Celtics drop the ball TWICE against the same team. Since I’m on the topic, I am NOT a fan of teams playing each other twice on the same back to back. I understand because of COVID but it’s just weird to see. 


If you stuck here till the end of this thank you for being an absolute legend. I’m going to continue to share my NBA knowledge and hopefully we can all win some money together.


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