Player Profile: De’Aaron Fox

The Sacramento Kings knew exactly what they were getting when they drafted De’Aaron Fox. A kid with a lot of speed, Fox continues to evolve at the point guard position and looks to make the Kings a playoff contender. With that being said, let’s take a deep dive into the tools of Fox on both ends. 

Fox has shown NBA promise since his freshman season at Kentucky. The young guard shows great mechanics at attacking the basket and has learned to find open gaps and clearings to the rim. Fox fits in perfectly with the modern day athleticism at the point guard position. When you look at guys in Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, and others, Fox’s name fits right into the conversation. Since his arrival in 2017, Fox always lights up the floor with his speed and agility and he has become a fan favorite of many. 

Through his four years in the NBA, Fox is averaging 16.3 points while shooting 45% from the floor. The one standout that I have seen the most is how he has evolved as a playmaker over time. Since his rookie season, Fox’s assist numbers have increased tremendously. He is phenomenal at passing in the pick and roll and can spot an open man even when being surrounded. Fox is the driving force of this team that is going to lead others to success. Without his impact running the floor, there’s no success for the Sacramento Kings. 

As the Kings’ future continues on, the one important aspect of their future success is the duo of Fox and Buddy Hield in the backcourt. The two young stars seem to complement each other well playing alongside one another. Fox handles his business with running floor while Hield is the go to guy on offense. The two have evolved tremendously over the past few seasons as players and leaders on the team. If Sacramento gets into the playoffs this season, these two are the driving force of the reason. In a tough Western Conference, the two will need to play at a high level consistently. 

As Fox’s career continues on, he is definitely fitting to become an All-Star soon. But how can he elevate his game? One area where I can see him improving upon his perimeter shooting. Fox definitely shows the mechanics to knock down jump shots. But it has not been on a consistent level as of yet. In his four NBA seasons, Fox has shot the ball 32% from three point range. It’s not a bad percentage, but with a player of Fox’s caliber, it can definitely become an improvement over time. Hopefully, Fox will look to shoot the ball at a higher rate with more time shooting and training. 

Another place Fox should improve upon is limiting his turnovers. Taking care of the basketball is key for this Sacramento team. It is highly important that they do not allow their opposing team to have more possessions on offense. To start the season, Fox is averaging 3.1 turnovers per game and it is highly important that the stat goes down through the season. Fox shows to be a great ball handler at the point guard position. But oftentimes he can also be careless with the basketball as well. 

De’Aaron Fox has the potential to lead Sacramento to heights they have never been before. It will be about how he can continue to elevate his game going forward. Once Fox shows the world his max potential, the Kings can be an absolute threat in the Western Conference.


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