7’9 African giant Abiodun Adegoke has hypnotized the NBA

A colossus from the West African country of Nigeria has commanded the NBA’s attention. As the titanic Abiodun Adegoke makes huge waves on social media. A viral video shows Adegoke, billed at seven feet nine inches tall, dunking a basketball without leaving the ground.

An Instagram clip dated December, 2020 features him with another camper said to be five foot six. Adegoke stands beside his peer and towers more than two feet above the young man. The footage is posted on Adegoke’s IG page under his handle “bignaija” . Viewers can only assume that rim is ten foot high:

Big Names Take Notice

Adegoke caught the eye of legendary big man Shaquille O’Neal, among others. As he showed off his super sized skills at a youth development camp in Dubai. Adegoke aims to refine his game with the acclaimed MPAC Sports UAE System.

In late February, MPAC Basketball took to Twitter and announced his arrival. “It’s ALL FUN and GAMES until Mr. 7FT9 comes into the PAINT! @bignaija has something to prove to the world! TALLEST young talent in the WORLD repping MPAC Sports Basketball! #StandForMore @MpacBaskerball.”

They added film of a drill on court with Adegoke moving across the lane. He bumps his way down beneath the basket. Then finishes the play with a flush and doesn’t leave his feet. This got online observers all amped up.


Tallest NBA Player Ever?

For the sake of comparison, Adegoke is allegedly two inches taller than the NBA’s tallest player ever. Ex-Washington Bullets giant Gheorghe Muresan stood 7’7″ during his career in the 1990s. Bullets’ icon Manute Bol is listed at 7’7″ also but sources say he’s slightly shy of that number.

There’s a good amount of mystique around Adegoke. He reportedly hails from Ibadan in Oyo State. Which is located about 90 miles northeast of Nigeria’s capital city Lagos.

His Full Story

His actual age is a subject of speculation, amid conflicting news reports. Based on available information, he is likely between 19 and 23 years old. Though Adegoke has professed himself to be 18, he apparently can’t seem to prove as much.

One reason he hasn’t yet drawn serious consideration from the NBA may be those lingering questions about his age. If anything is apparent he just won’t be ignored any longer.

How did Adegoke land nearly six thousand miles away in a port city by the Persian Gulf? What might be his destiny?

Former pro soccer star Segun Odegbami of Nigeria claims he once rescued the outsized outcast from a life of misery. And that several years ago he scored Adegoke a spot at his own Segun Odegbami International College and Sports Academy (SOCA) in Wasimi Orile. Odegbami’s school is set some distance southwest of Ibadan, near Lagos.

What’s Next

After a time at SOCA, he split to chase other opportunities in the Middle East. The chronology of events is not quite clear. He is currently in training there according to recent reports. As the towering titan remains a raw student of the game.

Does Adegoke deserve a shot in the NBA? Will he find fame and fortune? Or will he become a mere footnote in history?




Abiodun Adegoke


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