Victor Oladipo: Trade Rumors, Who Should Sign Him?

There is major talk around the NBA about Victor Oladipo. Vic was traded to the Houston Rockets in early 2021. While he is a great asset to Houston, there are rumors about where he will be shipped to during this season. There has been talk about the Miami Heat, Golden State Warriors, and even the New York Knicks. The league is jumbled with many scenarios and outcomes for Oladipo. What is the right move for him? Maybe one of these four teams should attempt to get him on their roster. 


Orlando Magic

Markelle Fultz is a good Guard, Nikola Vucevic is a good Center, and Aaron Gordon is a good Power Forward. Markelle averages about 12.9 points per game (ppg), Nikola averages about 24.6 ppg, and Aaron Gordon averages 14.7 ppg for the Magic. Gordon has demanded a trade from the Orlando Magic. This could be the perfect opportunity for the Magic to pursue Victor Oladipo. Vic averages around 20.3 ppg for the Rockets, he could be a valuable asset to this team as a new big three with Fultz and Vucevic. 


Detroit Pistons

The Pistons are another young team that needs some help. This team is sitting just below the Orlando Magic at number 15 in the Eastern Conference. They’re still building their team chemistry and learning how to play Piston’s basketball. Victor Oladipo could serve as the veteran mentor and provide guidance to this group of young guys. Udonis Haslem does this for the Miami Heat, Victor could do the same but still be the good player he is on the court. Every team needs a leader with experience. 


New York Knicks

The Knicks are number seven in the Eastern Conference, this isn’t bad. Veteran Derrick Rose does a good job of putting up double digital points per game but Julius Randle has been dominant this season. When you add in Victor Oladipo, it could be a good mesh. Taj Gibson is also on the Knicks, he and Victor played together on the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2016-2017, maybe they can rekindle something. The New York Knicks are in a decent position this season, adding Oladipo won’t hurt, this potential trade can possibly better their team. 


Boston Celtics

A more seasoned team than the previous three. Picture this starting lineup in Boston: Victor Oladipo, Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Daniel Thesis. This could be scary for the Eastern Conference. Oladipo brings a calm style of play to the court. During different moments of the game, the Celtics tend to rush the play. Victor Oladipo won’t be afraid to hit the reset button and try a different play or slow the tempo down. Boston previously wanted to trade Kemba Walker, maybe it’s the right time to look into that again. 


These teams probably won’t help Victor win a ring but he doesn’t seem as if he’s ring chasing. Vic is a great leader and an overall calm, cool, and collected player. He hasn’t really come back from his ruptured right quad tendon in the 2019-2020 season, but he still does his job. In the next 5 years, Victor Oladipo will probably be on his way out of the NBA. To get the most out of Vic, one of these four teams can work to bring his game back. 


Victor Oladipo's future

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