Time For The OKC Thunder To Level Up

The Oklahoma City Thunder have a talented roster with a mix of mostly youth and light on experience. In order to take the next step as a franchise, there are a few moves they could consider making.

One option is to focus on developing their young players. Luguentz Dort, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and Darius Bazley are all 24 years old and younger and have shown potential. With the right coaching and support, they could become key contributors to the team’s success. This would involve providing them with opportunities to play and learn from their mistakes, as well as bringing in veteran players who can mentor and guide them.

Another possibility is to add more depth and versatility to the roster. The Thunder currently have several players who can score, but they could benefit from having more players who can defend, rebound, and pass the ball. This could be achieved through trades, free agency, or the draft, depending on the team’s needs and available resources.

If the Thunder are able to draft Victor Wembanyama, a highly-rated prospect, it could be a major boost to the team. Wembanyama is a 7’2″ center who is known for his shot-blocking and rebounding abilities. He could provide the Thunder with a rim-protector and a strong presence in the paint, which could help them compete against some of the top teams in the league.

However, if the Thunder don’t draft Wembanyama, they will still have options. They could look for other prospects who have the potential to make an impact, or they could pursue established players who could help the team in specific areas of need. For example, they could target a point guard who can run the offense and create scoring opportunities for his teammates, or a power forward who can stretch the floor and provide some shooting.

All told, the Oklahoma City Thunder have the pieces in place to make a leap forward as a franchise. With a combination of player development, roster depth, and smart acquisitions, they can build a team that is capable of contending for championships. Whether or not they draft Victor Wembanyama, they have the opportunity to make some positive moves that will help them take the next step as a team.

One potential move for the Oklahoma City Thunder would be to build around Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and provide him with the support he needs to reach his full potential. This could involve trading some of the team’s future assets in order to bring in more experienced and talented players who can help Shai lead the team to success.

Alternatively, the Thunder could consider trading Shai himself and continuing their rebuilding process. While this would be a difficult decision, it could be justified if the team believes that they can get a good return for Shai and use those assets to build a stronger and more competitive roster in the future.

Without doubt, it seems that building around Shai is the more prudent choice for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Shai is a talented and promising player who has already shown that he can be a key contributor to the team’s success. By committing to supporting him and providing him with the resources he needs, the Thunder can give themselves a better chance of competing at a high level in the future.

OKC needs to not fall into the “forever rebuilding” trap and finally push their chips to the center of the table for better or worse.

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