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Calling Anthony Davis is one of the best basketball players in the world is hardly a controversial statement. Calling him consistent on the other hand, would be laughable. Lakers fans know the pain ad frustration all too well of rooting for a play with game-changing talent that just seems to reboot every other game.

In the 2023 playoffs, Davis has been an integral part of the Lakers’ success so far. In this article, we will take a closer look at Davis’ playoff run and compare his performance against the Memphis Grizzlies and the Golden State Warriors. We will also examine any trends or patterns that emerge from the data and make a prediction about the rest of the series.

To be fair, Anthony Davis’ playoff run so far has been impressive. In the Lakers’ first-round matchup against the Memphis Grizzlies, Davis was a dominant force. He averaged 20.6 points per game on 47.6% shooting from the field. He also contributed 11.8 rebounds, 2.6 assists, and 2.2 blocks per game. Davis’ performance in the series was highlighted by a 31-point, 17-rebound effort in Game 3. His GameScore was an impressive 25.8 in that game.

Against the Grizzlies, Davis was a consistent performer. He scored in double figures in all five games of the series and recorded a double-double in four of those games. He also had at least two blocks in each game of the series. Davis’ consistency and dominance were key factors in the Lakers’ 4-1 series win.

In the Lakers’ second-round matchup against the Golden State Warriors, Davis’ performance was not as consistent. In the Lakers’ Game 1 victory, Davis was outstanding. He scored 30 points on 11-of-19 shooting from the field, including a perfect 8-of-8 from the free-throw line. He also contributed 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 1 block in the game. Davis’ GameScore was 34.1 in the Lakers’ 5-point win.

However, Davis’ performance in the next two games against the Warriors was lackluster. In Game 2, Davis scored just 11 points on 5-of-11 shooting from the field. He also had just 1 rebound, 4 assists, and 3 turnovers in the game. Davis’ GameScore was a paltry 8.5 in the Lakers’ 27-point loss. In Game 3, Davis scored 25 points on 7-of-10 shooting from the field. He also contributed 13 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 blocks in the game. However, Davis struggled from the free-throw line, making just 1 of 3 attempts. His GameScore was 28.4 in the Lakers’ 30-point win.

Overall, Davis’ performance against the Warriors has been more up-and-down than his performance against the Grizzlies. In the Lakers’ three games against the Warriors, Davis has scored 66 points on 26-of-48 shooting from the field. He has also contributed 19 rebounds, 12 assists, and 4 blocks in those games. However, his shooting percentage from the free-throw line has been poor, as he has made just 9 of 15 attempts in the series.

There are a few trends and patterns that emerge from the data. First, Davis has been a dominant force in the playoffs so far. He has scored in double figures in all nine games, and he has recorded at least one block in every game. He has also been a consistent rebounder, averaging 11.9 rebounds per game. Second, Davis’ performance against the Grizzlies was more consistent than his performance against the Warriors. He scored in double figures in every game against the Grizzlies and recorded a double-double in four of those games. Against the Warriors, he has had one outstanding performance, one poor performance, and one solid performance.

Anthony Davis’ play against the Memphis Grizzlies has been consistent throughout the series, with the exception of his performance in game two. In the three wins against Memphis, Davis has scored 22, 31, and 16 points respectively, while also averaging 13.3 rebounds per game. His shooting percentage has also been impressive, as he’s shot above 45% from the field in each of these games.

In game two, Davis struggled mightily, scoring just 13 points on 4-of-14 shooting from the field. He did manage to pull down nine rebounds, but it was not enough to help the Lakers avoid a 10-point loss. This performance was uncharacteristic for Davis, who had been dominant in the first and third games of the series.

Against the Golden State Warriors, Davis has struggled a bit more. In game one, he scored 30 points on 11-of-19 shooting, but in the following two games, he has scored just 11 and 25 points respectively. Davis has also been less effective on the boards against the Warriors, averaging just 7.3 rebounds per game.

One factor that may be contributing to Davis’ struggles against Golden State is their ability to defend the paint. The Warriors have several athletic big men, including Draymond Green and Kevon Looney, who have been able to disrupt Davis’ post-ups and drives to the basket. Additionally, the Warriors have been more effective at keeping Davis off the offensive glass, limiting his second-chance opportunities.

Another possible explanation for Davis’ performance against the Warriors is his health. Davis has been dealing with a nagging ankle injury throughout the playoffs, which has forced him to miss several games. While he has been able to play through the injury, it may be impacting his ability to move and jump effectively, particularly against a team as athletic as the Warriors.

Despite his struggles against Golden State, there are several reasons to be optimistic about Davis’ performance moving forward. For one, he has shown the ability to dominate games against Memphis, indicating that his struggles against the Warriors may be more of an aberration than a trend. Additionally, Davis has a track record of performing well in big games, as evidenced by his championship run with the Lakers in 2020.

Moving forward, it will be important for Davis to continue to assert himself on the offensive end of the floor, particularly against the Warriors. He will need to find ways to create space against their athletic defenders and take advantage of his size and skill in the post. On the defensive end, he will need to be more aggressive on the glass and look to disrupt Golden State’s pick-and-roll game.

In conclusion, Anthony Davis has had a mixed playoff run so far, with impressive performances against the Memphis Grizzlies and struggles against the Golden State Warriors. While his health and the Warriors’ defensive scheme may be contributing to his struggles, there are several reasons to be optimistic about his performance moving forward. As the Lakers look to make another deep playoff run, Davis will need to continue to assert himself on both ends of the floor and help lead his team to victory.

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