Chris Paul: What’s Next For The Point God?

After reports that point guard Chris Paul will be waived by the Phoenix Suns, is it all over for the diminutive superstar? Paul is owed just over $60 million over the next two seasons. After firing head coach Monty Williams, the winningest coach in the NBA over the past few seasons, this seems to be a baffling move for a team that is not currently in a position to do a full on rebuild.

As for the point god, it is unclear what, if any suitors will be interested in his services at this stage in his career. The 38 year old is still obviously talented and serviceable, averaging 13.9 ppg, 4.3 rpg, 8.9 apg while playing 59 games this past season. The oft-injured point guard however, is not what he once was defensively and has terrible injury luck.

Typically aging veterans who can still contribute in spurts are able to find a home on a contender with championship aspirations, but Paul’s services does not come cheap despite his age, and there are many question marks regarding how this divorce will play out.

Several factors will come into play as the situation unfolds. Paul’s desire to compete for a championship, the financial flexibility of other teams, and the overall landscape of the NBA will all play a role in determining the next chapter of his career. While his future may currently seem uncertain, it would be premature to count out Chris Paul, a player who has repeatedly defied expectations throughout his illustrious career. As the offseason progresses, all eyes will be on the point guard as he navigates the next phase of his basketball journey.

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