Momentary Momentum: NBA Betting Picks for Tuesday, December 29

Yesterday was a great day as my picks went 4-1. The only loss was the Rockets, and that one was definitely a miss on my part. We have a large 10 game slate on tap for tonight, but I’m only breaking down and sharing picks for the 6 that I like best. Let’s let’s get into some picks and build some momentum!


Overall Record: 4-1


Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers (pk)

These two teams played Sunday night, and the Pacers won 108-107 in what was a very close game all the way through. I expect another very close game tonight, but I think the Celtics will pull this one out in the end. The Pacers are 3-0, while the Celtics are 1-2, but these teams are equal talent-wise. I wouldn’t fault you if you want to pick the Pacers here, but as a Celtics fan I have to side with Boston in this one.


Pick: Celtics (pk)


NY Knicks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers (-3.5)

Both of these teams are coming off shocking upsets on Sunday, as the Knicks defeated the Bucks 130-110, and the Cavaliers defeated the 76ers 118-94. The Cavaliers come into this game playing solid basketball as they are 3-0, and it seems they can push for a playoff spot this year in a weak eastern conference. While I’m not too confident in either of these teams, I’ll side with a Cavaliers team that has been playing well so far to start the season, and I don’t mind giving a couple of points.


Pick: Cavaliers -3.5


Chicago Bulls vs. Washington Wizards (-6.5)

Both teams come into this game playing bad basketball. I thought the Wizards would’ve had a better start to the season with the offseason acquisition of Russell Westbrook. Even though the Bulls have been playing badly, I can’t see myself taking a Wizards team that’s favored by this much. I can’t understand why the Wizards would be favored by 6.5, but hey, Vegas knows all. I could be very wrong on this one, but I’d rather take the underdog here in a game between two inconsistent teams.


Pick: Bulls +6.5


Toronto Raptors vs. Philadelphia 76ers (-1.5)

I think the 76ers will bounce back from their blowout loss against the Cavaliers on Sunday. The good news for them is Joel Embiid should be back in this one, and I think that should make all the difference, as he’s the best player on the court in this game. I expect the 76ers to win a close game here.


Pick: 76ers -1.5


Golden State Warriors (-4.5) vs. Detroit Pistons

I think the Warriors are overrated in this matchup. Maybe I have a soft spot for the Pistons, as they covered the spread against the Hawks last night, but the Warriors are not playing well without Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Their only win came against a terrible Bulls team, and they only won that game by one point. This is an ugly matchup in general, but I’ll take the Pistons here.


Pick: Pistons +4.5


Milwaukee Bucks (-5.5) vs. Miami Heat

I expect the Bucks to get revenge for their embarrassing playoff series against the Heat and blow them out in this spot. Especially since they are coming off an embarrassing 20 point loss to the Knicks, I think they’ll get back on track here. The Heat are a competitive team, but Jimmy Butler is doubtful to play in this one, which definitely hurts their chances. This is one that I have high confidence on.


Pick: Bucks -5.5


Please let me know which picks you agree or disagree with. I hope to keep the momentum rolling tonight. Let’s win some picks and make some money!

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