25 Greatest Point Guards In NBA History

Throughout NBA history the game has changed drastically and much continues to change. What has not changed however, is that the point guard position remains crucial to the game. Arguably the most important role and often dubbed “an extension of the coach”. Though the NBA continues to creep into the so called “position less” era, floor generals and play makers continue to prove their worth to teams.

Ranked are the twenty five greatest point guards in NBA history. For the sake of clarity, this is not merely a list of the best players who happened to play the point guard position. This considers the contributions the player made as a point guard specifically and their impact as a player statistically in tandem with career duration.

Also, though the idea of a “pure” point guard is given some merit in these rankings, it is not ultimately the most important factor. Point guards that take on greater scoring responsibilities without doing so at their team’s expense is favored a bit. This may favor modern point guards a bit more, but not exclusively so.


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